Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 58, August 16, Rest day in Charlottetown

We woke up fairly early. The kids in the campsite next to us were up at 7:00am. We planned on riding to the ferry today, but decided to have a full rest day once we got into Charlottetown. It was probably a good choice because it started to rain an hour after we stopped.

We went to a coffee shop for a break and to decide what to do for the remainder of the day. The rest of the team went back to the van before I had. As I was walking back to the van, which was in front of the PEI legislature, I saw Neil Boyden standing on the side of the road. Neil was a Director on the U of L Alumni Association. I knew he had moved to PEI, but we hadn’t made contact. He told us he saw our van on the side of the road as he driving by. Fate? I think so. Neil and Khym Goslin, a former U of L Students’ Union President, offered to have us stay at their place for the night. We gratefully accepted. By

They have a beautiful house in a town just outside of Charlottetown. Khym and Neil made us a fantastic meal: pork tenderloin, rice, bread and vegetables. By this point, it had been raining steadily for a few hours. After chatting about the trip and their move PEI, we went to the watch a movie in Charlottetown. The GPS sent us to this small theatre first, but we eventually found the correct one.

Allan and I have our own beds to sleep on, which is quite the treat to enjoy. Tomorrow we will ride to the ferry and cross over to Nova Scotia. We want to get a fare distance in tomorrow to lighten the long ride the day after.

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