Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 54, August 12, Grand Falls NB to Hawkshaw NB

We woke up early today for some reason. Another camper told me that we had 4 skunks around our tents last night. I guess Vanessa thought one was a cat, and was going to pet it. Good thing she found out it wasn’t in time. They must be attracted to Allan.

We spent some time at the falls in Grand Falls. They were going to charge us to park, so we parked a block away and walked. They were pretty cool site to see, but it wasn’t worth the price to park- three dollars.

We decided to ride a 160k today to save a day in our schedule. It was the longest ride we’ve had in awhile. The shoulders and the weather were in our favor, so it wasn’t too bad. We had a good size break in the middle of the ride. I was able to recharge on a ridiculous amount of Reese Chocolate Bars.

We eventually found a campsite a short jaunt off the highway.

We haven’t had Internet in awhile. I checked my e-mail today with Allan’s phone. Gloria Roth, who works in the President’s Office at the University, wanted our banking information so she could put a little money in for a meal. This was great motivation for the remainder of the trip, and we’re incredibly grateful.

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