Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day 49, August 7, Trois Rivieres QC to Quebec

We were on the road by 10:30am to Quebec City. We were all excited to visit the historic city, and for the rest-day that followed. It was “misting” for the first couple hours of the trip, and didn’t really let up until we were almost into the city.

Aside from being wet, the ride was fantastic. It was one small town after another, with farms in-between. We had bike paths again, and gas stations every 20k for the needed chocolate bar.

As we made it into Quebec, the traffic began to pick up. It was also getting late, and the sun was going down. We decided to rack the bikes at a Tim Horton’s just south of the city in Levi. Being that it was late, we couldn’t find a campground to stay at. We decided to find a truck stop and sleep in the van.

As we made it to the truck stop, it began to pour. I never thought I would happy to spend the night in the van at a truck stop. The truck stop had showers and a large common room to enjoy.

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