Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 55, August 13, Hawkshaw NB to Gagetown NB

We had the van packed by 10:00am, and sat around talking about a solution to our ferry problem. The campsite owner seemed to be having a bad day, and wanted us to be aware of the fact. We subsequently drove off.

We rode for the first 50k, and then racked the bikes to head into Fredericton. It was off the main highway. We all had lunch at a Smitty’s and did some banking. A nice gentleman rolled down his window as we were driving to tell us our tire was flat. We pulled over at the nearest gas station, were we saw how substantially low it was. We filled it with air, and hope it lasts until Moncton. With 4 flat tires the other day (I later found a tiny staple embedded in my tire), I need to buy more tubes. We stopped a Sport Check and bike store for more tubes. I should have enough now for the remainder f the trip.

As we finished with what we had to do in the city, we drove back to where we racked the bikes. We only had 50k left, which went by really fast. We had a tailwind today. We were hoping to have Internet at the campsite, but we didn’t. We all haven’t updated our blogs in awhile.

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