Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 56, August 14, Gagetown NB to Moncton NB

We woke up at the average time and headed to gas station that we left off from the day before. I was finally able to do my laundry at the campsite last night. Having clean clothes again definitely puts you in a good mood. Today was going to be an average ride in terms of distance of 140k.

Nothing really exciting happened during the ride. My tires have been good since I found the staples in the one. It would be great if I didn’t have another flat for the remainder of the trip. There are tones of hills in New Brunswick. We haven’t seen as many hills since Northern Ontario. However, there not near as steep, just long. The weather was overcast for most of the day. Other than the rain on the trip, we’ve had great riding weather. Not too hot or cold for the majority of the days.

We have plenty of time to think during the ride, and the idea of finishing the Social Responsibility Minor at the U of L has kept my mind busy. We’ll see what happens.

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