Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 57, August 15, Moncton NB to Cornwall PEI

Our right back tire was low again this morning, so we headed into Moncton to find a tire shop to look at it. We found one pretty quick, thanks to GPS. We went to a little restaurant down the road while they looked at the wheel. The place was great. It must be quit the popular place to eat, as it was almost completely packed. I was able to get my usual, with a warning from the waitress about cholesterol.

We had a decent ride ahead of us today at 165k. Considering Confederation Bridget, we only had to ride about 150k. The weather was sunny most of the day. It seems our bad luck with weather is over. We haven’t had rain since Quebec City.

The highways were fairly busy today. You definitely know it’s the beginning of the weekend when you’re riding your bicycle on a highway. It was about 100k until we made it to Confederation Bridge. I’ve been looking forward to PEI for the entire trip, so the 100k went by reasonably fast. Vanessa and I stopped at the bridge to rack the bikes. You can't ride or walk across the bridge. However, the shoulders on the bridge were wider and in better condition than most roads we’ve cycled on so far.

We stopped at a tourist trap a kilometer off the bridge. We toured the shops for a while and grabbed something to eat. I was instantly reminded of who/what Anne of Green Gabels was. I vagly remember my sister having a number of the books, and watching the TV show at my Grandma’s when I was young. They probably would have gone nuts in these stores. I on the other hand, may have nightmares. Too much Anne for me.

We continued riding for around 50k into PEI. I’m still in awe of how truly beautiful this province is. I’m a management student, so my descriptions wont do what I saw justice. The rolling hills, thick green grass everywhere, and the red soil made the ride truly enjoyable.

We found a campsite off the beaten trail just outside of Charlottown. Our neighbors were from St. John’s NFLD, and were incredibly nice. They lent us there lantern for the most of the evening, and it just so happened one of them was into road biking. We left them a couple U of L pins before we left.

Tomorrow we plan on riding to the ferry, and then drive back to Charlottetown to spend the night. It will only be 60k or so. A very light day.

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