Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day 48, August 6, Joliette QC to Trois Riviers

We intended to get up early so we would have plenty of time to drive to Joliette, which is about three hours (with traffic) north east of Montreal. In the end, we didn’t leave Joanne’s apartment until 9:00am, and didn’t arrive in Joliette until around 12:00.

It was raining for the majority of the ride, which seems to the norm the last few weeks of the trip. However, the bike paths in Quebec have more than made up for the weather and the mildew pillows and tents. Allan’s opinion may differ. Somehow his gear takes the worst of it.

As we made it into Trois Rivieres, we needed to cross the St. Lawrence River. We couldn’t ride our bikes across the river, so we racked them and drove across. The bridge and view were amazing. We ended up finding a decent campsite by the bridge to stay at. You can tell they’ve had a lot of rain here. The campsite looked like a swamp. We did find a relatively dry site to pitch our tents.

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